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Geoffrey Status – Episode 2, Day 1

     I think I’ve slept for maybe… 8-9 hours over the last three days.  Anxious about Geoffrey, life, yada yada.  Like … a LOT more anxious than I was last time.  I think last time I was more of … Continue reading

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Geoffrey update

     I’m so fricking tired from running around all last week and this week, but wanted to do a small update on my buddy here.  I went and visited Geoff in the hospital, and brought some of his dry … Continue reading

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Cats checked out OK!

It came time to take Geoffrey and Half-n-Half (she’s in the box) to the vet to get their annual check-ups and vaccinations.  Turns out the vaccinations for indoor cats only need to be redone every 3 years, so that was … Continue reading

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