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Exhausted all day

     As the title says, I’ve been exhausted…well, not ALL day, but a good portion of it. While I know my weight is partly to blame, or at least it certainly doesn’t help things, it’s still mind-boggling. For probably … Continue reading

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Sleep recoil?

     Circadian rhythms getting back in sync or something?  Who knows … Didn’t sleep much last night (stomach ache, now that I remember, actually) and the night before was … uncomfortable.  I can’t quite explain or express it, but when … Continue reading

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MI4 – Not bad, actually

     So, I caved and decided to try and watch Mission Impossible 4.  I say “try” because I have varying degrees of attention when a movie is on.  I either Primarily try to watch the movie while still doing … Continue reading

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Card from VCA Miller-Robertson

     I got a condolences card from the veterinary clinic where I took Geoffrey most of the time.  The day he passed away, I had to take him to a different VCA animal hospital, since his usual one isn’t open … Continue reading

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Dammit…recently, when I start feeling kind of sad, my brain automatically thinks of Geoffrey, and I feel a little better for a second, then I feel worse.  I’m sure it will pass in time.  He was the best antidepressant ever.

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Pain Day

     I have only a few types of days: Great days (extremely rare), good days (rare), OK days (often), bad/half-functioning days (sometimes), and crash days (random, unconscious /sleep).  I get to add a new one now.  Pain days (extremely … Continue reading

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Geoffrey Memorial Gallery

     I whipped up a memorial gallery of some of the better photos of Geoffrey from 2004-2012.  I’ll add pre-2004 photos when I scan them in over time.  Here is the link to the gallery.

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Geoffrey, 09/26/1997 – 03/24/2012

Geoffrey Jellineck Livingston, 09/26/1997 – 03/24/2012.  He went calm and relaxed, and thank you to everyone for their support. The last 14 years have been … chaotic for me, but Geoffrey kept me grounded and company during the whole time. … Continue reading

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I remember…

Being…10?  11?  I had an audio cassette tape of Monty Python shots – I think it was part of a set – and I would listen to it over and over and over until I had every damned sit memorized.  … Continue reading

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18 days, eh?

It would appear that my mind has been more self-reflective than I realized.  The time was good, for now I think I have a firm grasp on what it is, or rather, how to describe what it is, about my … Continue reading

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