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Uh.. der Ubercorn?

     I can’t figure out if this tattoo is supposed to be taken seriously.  I’m assuming – nay, hoping – this is on a woman’s body, but if it isn’t… Then is it on the body of someone who’s a member of a … Continue reading

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That poop tattoo story? Fake

“[T]he photo appears legitimate. In fact, it first surfaced online about 18 months ago as part of a “Worst Tattoo of the Day” post on the blog I Am Bored.” Somehow I figured either the tattoo wasn’t actually a tattoo, or that … Continue reading

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Tattooed Revenge

Don’t cheat on your tattoo artist boyfriend with his best friend, and then sign a waiver granting “artist’s discretion” when he says he will ink that Narnia tattoo you’ve always wanted.  It all adds up to a shitty looking tattoo.

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