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Pain Day

     I have only a few types of days: Great days (extremely rare), good days (rare), OK days (often), bad/half-functioning days (sometimes), and crash days (random, unconscious /sleep).  I get to add a new one now.  Pain days (extremely … Continue reading

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A New Personal Record

Yesterday was an absolute crash day.  Up at 7, back asleep (even after showering!) at 9, up at 1, passed out at 3, up at 7, sleep at 11.  Anytime I was conscious, I was not “awake”, and my legs … Continue reading

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A place for the random questions which enter my mind and vanish soon thereafter… Why is a chest called a chest?  The furniture. Velvet pancakes The term “ditto” came from the machine, or the machine from the term? Anger as … Continue reading

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