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Night 1:  Didn’t sleep very well. Night 2: Again, didn’t sleep well, figured I’d crash for an hour around 11 a.m. this morning, which I did, was up at noon, did errands and got 95% of my packing done and … Continue reading

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Geoff’s Back, Pendant Chosen

     Turns out there’s quite a selection of keepsake jewelry, which are essentially mini urns to be worn on one’s person, usually as a pendant on a necklace.  I stumbled across a place called Jewelry Keepsakes (http://www.jewelrykeepsakes.com), which has … Continue reading

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Geoffrey Comes Home…

     Geoffrey comes home tomorrow, so to speak … Now to figure out some appropriate uses / places for his ashes to go.  I need to find something which I can wear as a pendant on my necklace, one … Continue reading

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Half likes Geoffrey again

     Well, for no discernible reason, Half-n-Half acknowledge Geoffrey’s existence and has deemed him worthy of snuggling.  Yay.

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Geoffrey is quite sick, but will get better

Well, Geoffrey’s X-Rays and blood tests came back, and it turns out that he didn’t have an upper respiratory infection.  So I guess that’s good… Instead, it appears that his kidneys are not in the best of shape.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Cats checked out OK!

It came time to take Geoffrey and Half-n-Half (she’s in the box) to the vet to get their annual check-ups and vaccinations.  Turns out the vaccinations for indoor cats only need to be redone every 3 years, so that was … Continue reading

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