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Dammit…recently, when I start feeling kind of sad, my brain automatically thinks of Geoffrey, and I feel a little better for a second, then I feel worse.  I’m sure it will pass in time.  He was the best antidepressant ever. … Continue reading

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     It feels kind of surreal today… Without Geoffrey here, it’s so much more quiet, since he’s not here to talk to (or talk back when he so desires).  It’s not like a huge noticeable difference, it’s almost like … Continue reading

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Geoffrey is NOT Diabeticat

     Real quick note, but Geoffrey’s tests came back and he is not diabetic.  There was just something in the not-actual diabetes test which indicated he might have been (sugar in urine), but this is why we wanted to … Continue reading

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Geoffrey sick?

Something is wrong with Geoffrey… I’m not sure what. It started off like a usual case of an upset stomach (he becomes kind of withdrawn and less spunky… I can always tell), usually it’s just stomach acids which he will … Continue reading

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