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The Room – The Game!

     How sad that I didn’t hear about this when it came out (the downside to not being a slave to Newgrounds like the old days), but some guys over at Newgrounds made an 8-bit point-and-click adventure game based … Continue reading

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Verprose: Nazis at the Center of the Earth

     Just finished my ridiculously long NatCotE review over at verprose.  Nice and image-heavy, and loads of ridiculous, borderline offensive, and stupid stuff supplied by the film.  Give it a read.  Or don’t.  Whatever.  But if you ever plan … Continue reading

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Black March

Black March Thursday, March 1st 2012 to Saturday, March 31st 2012 SOPA & PIPA have been halted for now, but PCIPA is now getting pushed! With the continuing campaigns for Internet-censoring litigation such as SOPA and PIPA, and the closure of sites … Continue reading

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Deadheads (film)

     I felt I had to specify I would be discussing the film and not the people with this one.  It’s a not-so-odd coincidence that a few months ago, I mentioned to someone how it’s odd there hasn’t been some sort of zombie-who-isn’t-a-zombie … Continue reading

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