Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t, although if you’re here, then I assume you probably have connected with me somehow. I used to have a website here a few years ago, but I archived and scrapped it. Partly out of annoyance that blogger didn’t allow publish-to-ftp anymore, but also because it was time for yet another reboot. The old site was just random thoughts, events, whatever.

So what is this new one going to be? I still don’t know. I am wary of being quite as forward as I had been in the past, what with privacy and appearance being such huge factors these days. Meaning that unfortunately, people DO research and people DO judge. For someone as…odd as myself, this could pose a problem. So I struggled to find a purpose for the site which wouldn’t be completely revealing. I haven’t found it yet, and may never. However, my need to write kept clawing at me, so I finally said screw it, do it. So here we are. A nice balance is I can password-protect certain portions of posts if needed, so only certain people can get to them. But anyway…

This may be documentation of whatever changes happen to me, as much has happened since abreast years ago. I warn you now, I’m not necessarily a happy person all the time. The reasons will eventually be revealed, and perhaps in doing so, some new paths will as well. Or not. We shall see.

I am not here to offend, placate, kowtow or propagandize. I find the amount of self-aggrandizement and other forms of digital narcissism to be not only moderately disgusting, but confusing and a grim picture of how unwilling people are to be realistic. I know I am the odd man out here, and I’m not saying everyone should post everything about themselves, but I’ve never been a fan of overly-saturated positive thinking, hanging “Hang In There!” cat posters on the wall, and other forms of … I don’t know. Maybe I’m just jealous and bitter, who knows? Maybe I will find out what is going on as this site continues.

If you know me, I hope you are able to treat me and think of me the same as you have been before this site. I’ve always been me, complete with my good yin and bad yang. I don’t discuss stuff like what’s here verbally very often, as it’s usually uncomfortable and/or inappropriate for the situation. But I lay it out here, for reasons unknown to my own self, and hope it all doesn’t backfire somehow….

You can contact me via a contact link I will put up shortly.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?

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