For some reason I just remembered this game I had a long time ago on my first (I believe) computer, a TI-99/4A.  It was called hunt the wumpus, and was sort of like a weird and/or disturbed version of minesweeper.

     This is what the actual game looked like.

     You’re in this maze of caverns, and you can only see whatever circles are next to the one you’re at.  While you’re in there exploring, you’re trying to avoid the Wumpus, a generic monster who eats people.  I don’t think the wumpus moved, but you had to make sure not to bump into him.  Those orange dots are supposed to be pools of blood, and if you encounter 2 in a row, Wumpy is somewhere in an adjacent circle.  

     If you DID bump into him, the screen turned into this 8-bit set of teeth which closed down from the top and bottom of the screen like you were getting eaten.  I remember that genuinely scared me, but sort of made me get really good at the game, since I still played it, but genuinely did not want to see that screen again.  Ah, oldschool crappy games.  Someone faithfully remade it for windows.  I’ll let sleeping dogs lie.


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