Well, they definitely fixed the power problem

So there was that power problem I had a month or so ago…  Where they discovered someone had miswired the 220v power lines used for the air conditioner outlet, switching my line and some other apartment’s line.  Then they rewired it and fixed it or whatever?  

Yup, they certainly did, as my power bill doubled for this month.  At least I got some cheap power for awhile, right?  It sucks, because since I’m on the second floor, the whole building heats up during the day and it’s tolerable in my place, but around … 3pm, all that heat makes its way up, and even with the a/c going on low, set to 68 degrees, my apartment can get up to 80-82 if I’m not watching the temperature.  It’s weird – I can pretty much tell if it’s over 77 degrees in a room, and that’s about my limit. 

Ah well, it’s a necessity, but I’m amazed that it went up that much… at least the apartment who was wrongly billed is getting their money back from the apartment complex (even though we pay LADWP directly; I guess because the apartment complex screwed up …), so in the long run they won’t get too screwed over …

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