Fun With Random Text Generation (Loremipsum)

Hey, new plugin to add “loremipsum text”, also known as random text!  Let’s see what we can do …

Let’s see what we get…

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Lorem ipsum odio velit phasellus diam imperdiet vitae curabitur, neque tincidunt integer sodales at neque integer hac, maecenas donec eget arcu hac eu lacinia.

Ipsum eget nam pharetra malesuada proin tempor vehicula elementum, nec porttitor urna hendrerit lorem erat lorem, odio nibh euismod molestie ut ultrices justo mauris ut diam dapibus odio fusce sollicitudin porttitor eleifend, adipiscing curae hendrerit risus posuere viverra.

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Well, that’s … interesting… I’m assuming it changes every time the page is loaded.  This is mainly for web page development, filling up pages with text to see how they look.  It’s also just kind of neat.


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