Good lord did I sleep

    Back from whatever, reunion, on the 4th.  Was OK for a day or two, then slept for like 2 days, then was up for a day thinking that was it, game on, but no, slept another 2 days, up a day, then down for 2.  Unbelievable.  Yay let’s look at a graph of my sleep pattern shall we?

     Yeah, all over the place as I expected.  This is a week old but you get the idea.  Lovely.  Broken up into like 4 sessions each, so it’s not 6 hours straight, it’s 1.5, then 2, then 1, then maybe 1.5 again.

     Can’t focus today.  Try to do laundry.  Try to find some way of not being pissed off at lack of energy.  And coming soon, the big one… dieting.  Yeah.  I’ll be going publicly accountable for that one, so it’ll be a real hoot.

     I have no idea what I like to do at the moment, I just am sort of in limbo.

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