Uh.. der Ubercorn?

     I can’t figure out if this tattoo is supposed to be taken seriously.  I’m assuming – nay, hoping – this is on a woman’s body, but if it isn’t… Then is it on the body of someone who’s a member of a gay white pride group (which as paradoxical as that sounds, probably exists somewhere)?  Or if this is like … supposed to be dissing the white pride movement with such … erm … colourful and effeminate imagery?  Which would lead to multiple beatings for sure?  I could see maybe a poster with this image passing as a slam on the WP movement, but getting it tattooed on your ass – and I do believe those are cheeks and not a rack –  seems like overkill to make a statement against or mocking the WP movement. 

     Which leads me to believe this … is supposed to be a genuine tat, I guess?  My head’s going to divide by zero if I try to figure this out any longer.  I’ll just guess it’s a woman’s pwetty unicorn white pwide tattoo wif wainbows and swastikas and sig runes.   Just … ugh.

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