A New Personal Record

Yesterday was an absolute crash day.  Up at 7, back asleep (even after showering!) at 9, up at 1, passed out at 3, up at 7, sleep at 11.  Anytime I was conscious, I was not “awake”, and my legs felt unusually warm, tingly, and..they felt swollen but they weren’t.  That’s not the interesting part though. I  slept until 10, waking up about 4 times during the night, but every time I fell back asleep, I had incredibly vivid and detailed dreams.  The kind where you can feel the texture of a piece of cloth when touched in the dream.  I rarely have memorable dreams, much less ones as solid as these, but about 5 in a night, separated by waking?  For me, that’s unheard of.

And even now, with a tiny sliver of brain function, just barely enough to write this, I feel that ache and bizarre sensitivity returning to my legs once more, and the mind clouds as unwarranted fatigue creeps through my body.  I am forming yet another new strategy to combat all this bullshit, but still, I get…frustrated.  Or pissed off. 

More soon.

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