Geoffrey’s status

     Hard to believe I haven’t put anything up in almost a week … a lot of messing around on the site, plus a LOT of draft posts, all waiting until I have a decent amount of brainpower to make them even worthwhile to write, much less read. 

     In any case, the latest news regarding Sir EatsALot is that, as previously mentioned, he is not diabetic.  This is good.  Not only for health reasons but for financial ones as well, since I’m guessing insulin isn’t super cheap out of pocket.  However, the whole kidney thing has left him anemic (like me, in a way), but he’s got an iron deficiency.  I haven’t looked into the details or inner workings of the relationship between kidneys and anemia, but if I get around to it maybe I will.  His gums aren’t quite as pink as they used to be even a month ago, and the small sore on his nose (from him constantly licking his lips – saliva breaks down tissue, including nose and lip tissue, both cats and people) healed fine but it’s not as pink as the surrounding area.

     So Geoffrey got to go into the vet last Tuesday and get an iron injection which he “desperately needed”, according to the vet tech.  He also got the first round of his … something injections.  I believe it’s a hormone (?) which …regulates or helps manage the problem somehow.  I’m not sure.  But now he gets to go back every Tuesday for a while, where he’ll have his levels checked and assuming he needs the injection, he’ll get it.  I don’t mind at all, and I know he loves any excuse to go out, especially in the car.  

     I can’t believe I’m admitting to this next part, as it only perpetrates being regarded as a crazy cat guy (although I only have 2, so stfu), but given that he’ll be making weekly trips, plus the fact that I’d like to just take him out for a drive every so often, I went ahead and got him this bad boy to the right.   It’s a cat/dog carrier, supports up to 20 pounds, and can either be a tote, shoulder-worn, car seat, backpack, or used with a collapsible handle like luggage and wheeled around (although I imagine the animal inside would be a bit freaked by the low droning noise it hears).  

     Given the whole leg situation and all, even just hiking up to the car with his regular carrier gets a bit … painful.  So why not try strapping him to my back instead?  Or wheeling him if needed?  Hopefully it’ll work out.  removable/replaceable bottom liner in case he goes to the bathroom in it was a major selling point.  Whole thing was under $50, shipped.  Not too shabby.

     So that’s what’s up with him, and hopefully that’s all for awhile.  His daily (or every other day depending on how much fluid he has … assimilated from the day before) injections are going fine, and surprisingly, he will not eat more than 1/6 a can of wet special kidney helping food.  I was sure he’d be wolfing down the whole thing like he usually does, but no, he takes his time and leaves some.  He’s definitely showing signs of slowing down.  Well, slowing down in the few areas in which he was ever fast, like eating or … eating.  

     Otherwise he’s back to his old self, maybe a little more tired, a lot more vocal about his desire to go on walks (which I take him on every few days), and whatnot.  He truly has bounced back, and even seems to be walking a little further than he used to before sitting down.  It’s hard to believe that he was probably a day, if that, away from not being around.  Half-n-Half is even more cuddly with him than before all of this.  He’s got a little time left in him, so Half-n-Half and I are trying to take advantage of his continued company wisely.

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