So tired, medication changes

     I’ve been extra tired as of late.  Last week debuted with a grand total of 15 hours or so of catatonic sleep broken up into a 5 hour run and 5 2-hour bursts spaced about 45 minutes apart.  45 minutes when I hoped whatever the hell was going on had completed, and I’d be semi-functional.  When I awoke for the last time at 7 p.m. I just said “whatever”, managed to stay awake until 10, and then another 8 hours of broken sleep.  Many nightmares… well, they’re not nightmares, just uncomfortable dreams.  Not even “bad” dreams, just variations on a theme, so to speak, one which has been consistently going on for 5 years or so.  Yes, therapy, I have and am finding a new one soon, one who can really ask whatever poignant questions need to be asked or whatever.

     Tuesday through Friday yielded not-as-dramatic sleep results, but definitely not much above being awake and maintaining life support.  I’m guessing my body just petered out after 2 weeks of the new medication regime, which has me on fewer pain medications.   So while I’m on fewer meds, I’m in pain more often, and have pain spikes more often.  It’s tiring, obviously, but after years of a seeming improvement then decline, ugh.

     Hopefully things will adjust a bit more … effectively.

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