Deadheads (film)

     I felt I had to specify I would be discussing the film and not the people with this one.  It’s a not-so-odd coincidence that a few months ago, I mentioned to someone how it’s odd there hasn’t been some sort of zombie-who-isn’t-a-zombie project done (or rather I haven’t heard of, which is quite likely given my pseudo-isolation from most anything in the Top 40/Current Media world).  I envisioned some sort of TV series chronicling someone afflicted with ZombAIDS going about their usual tasks, but slowly noticing things like a lack of normal hunger, then some skin discolouration, putrefaction, etc.  Yet still the individual would try to keep doing their usual job, throw in a designated love interest for extra laughs and “awwww” moments, and just watch the guy/gal deteriorate over time or something.  Not sure if it’d be a comedy or drama or dramedy or whatever.  Basically, Deadheads is that film.  It’s not a great film, nor is it terrible.  It’s just single serving cinema, meaning it’s a one-time watcher for me, but YMMV of course….

     2 guys, one the responsible clear-headed one, the other the stoner comedy relief who wears a shirt with a stick-figure-logo of guy having … relations with a sheep (not the actual image, but close enough).  Both of them have the ZAIDS, but neither of them are fully zombified, just rotting away and whatnot.  Toss in the road-trip-to-find-ex-girlfriend story, add a dash of big government zombie hunting outfit, and you’ve got the movie.  All in all, it’s ok, it has a number of nods both subtle and not to earlier zombie films throughout, but at times it was .. laborious.  I’m not a fan of stoner humour, nor am I a fan of slapstick; I can take a very small amount, but I don’t really get much mileage out of people being dumb or clueless unless it somehow is done wittily and doesn’t require such a suspension of disbelief that I’m required to believe that just about everybody is an idiot.  There’s an interesting little conundrum thrown into the whole relationship subplot, but overall it’s what it looks like it should be (see film recipe above), and didn’t really surprise or amaze me.

     All in all, a decent watch.  If it’s on and zombies are your thing, go for it.  Thankfully the idiot humour was moderately balanced out by the pseudo-straight man, so it never got overwhelmingly dumb or felt as if the filmmakers planned on their audience being progressively inebriated through the film, permitting the stupidity percentage to rapidly approach 100.   As much as I hate stoner humour and the characters who spew it, I actually kind of liked the Brent character in this one.  Perhaps it was just well-played, who knows.  I have no rating system, but if I did I guess I’d give this one … oh 6 biohazards out of 10.


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